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"Miss Ali Stage School"

Miss Ali Stage School

Weekly Classes, Annual Show, Auditions, Agency

The Miss Ali Stage School is based in a Private Dance Studio in Unit CSA 2.5, Building 9 Dundrum Town Centre. Offering classes in all aspects of the Performing Arts, catering for Boys and Girls from 3 – 18 years of age.  The School was set up by Alison Vard Miller aka Miss Ali  and has gone from strength to strength.

Miss Ali’s studios combine state of the art facilities with the most committed and experienced teachers who are dedicated to helping your children realize their potential and develop as a performer. Children will advance in all areas of performing arts in the most creative, imaginative and inspirational space.

Every class is run in a professional dance equipped studio and hosted by a team of extremely energetic, experienced and professional teachers. There is always a BUZZING ATMOSPHERE!

Not all teaching is confined to the studios! Miss Ali’s students are kept busy throughout the year taking part in Shows, Guest Workshops, Competitions, Auditions, Theatre Trips, Camps, Recitals and Flashmobs… to name a few!

Miss Ali also runs a hugely successful Agency getting work for Students in TV, Theatre and Radio

With classes space limited, booking early is advised Call 0861722272

"The Miss Ali Stage School"

Miss Ali Stage School Classes

Miss Ali’s classes are vibrant, energetic, full of imagination and tons of fun. The aim is to develop communication skills, build confidence and self esteem, and to nurture and develop talent, and also to improve physical awareness. All of the children who attend the Miss Ali Stage School will train and participate in three disciplines of Performing Arts which includes Dancing, Singing and Drama.

Miss Ali Children’s Training + 3

Miss Ali starts working with children ages 3 years and upwards. Classes for younger children are only one hour in duration and parents do not stay during the classes. This is to enable the students to build their self-confidence and independence.

  • Dance Training
  • Vocal Training
  • Drama Training

Young Adults Training 14+

Miss Ali’s Young Adults Training Classes provides tuition in Dancing, Singing and Acting all under the one roof. Students can train at the Miss Ali Studios on Thursday evenings and can take all three of there Performing Arts Classes one after the other. Each weekly session will start with Dancing then there will be a short break. After break, Acting will begin and last for a duration of 45 minutes then the session will end with Vocal Training

Dance Classes

Would you like your child to increase their confidence, make new friends and develop their dancing ability whilst having a great time? Then Miss Ali Stage School is the right place for you.
This award-winning Miss Ali Stage School appreciates the benefits of positive thinking and good discipline for children. They offer various forms of dance, from jazz dance, commercial dance, and ballet, to musical theatre and lyrical dance.
They offer state of the art facilities and encourage students to make the most of the incredible opportunities on offer.

Drama Classes

At the award-winning Miss Ali Stage School they believe that being dramatic is great for the soul. Their drama lessons enable students to embrace the opportunity of becoming entirely different characters or to just revel in the freedom of letting go and being themselves.

As a leading drama school, they understand that cultivating the desire to perform and confidence building go hand in hand. They also understand the benefits of positive thinking and good discipline for children and believe that drama classes can enhance these two important qualities.

If you are seeking high quality drama classes with an emphasis on fun, then come along and perform with The Miss Ali Stage School.

The Miss Ali Stage School – Singing Classes. 

Miss Ali Stage School encourage each and every one of their students to shine. They are on a mission to develop the singing talent of the wonderful children and young adults who attend the school. It’s all about confidence building and fostering the desire to perform. They understand the benefits of positive thinking and good discipline for children and believe that singing can help to instil both of these valuable traits.

Camps With Miss Ali

Miss Ali runs camps throughout the year.

To find out more information Call 0861722272







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