Barking Buddies

Barking Buddies Behavioural Management and Dog Walking Service. At Barking Buddies their focus is on the bond between dog and owner.

Barking Buddies is a fully insured business, where the safety and welfare of your dog is paramount.

They offer a choice of three walking packages to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

Busy Buddy   The “Busy Buddy” package consists of an hours walk per day, over 4 days of the week or 5 days of the week, Monday-Friday.
Active Buddy   The “Active Buddy” package is a choice of either an hours walk per day for 2 days of the week or 3 days of the week, Monday-Friday.
Flexi Buddy   The “Flexi Buddy” package is a choice of an hours walk for 1 day of the week, Monday-Friday.


At Barking Buddies they can assist and advise you on the best course of action in alleviating many of your dogs behavioural problems. Barking Buddies will equip you with the tools and techniques required, based specifically on your dogs’ breed and temperament, to manage your dog’s behaviour.


The Behaviour Management Service will consist of a 1 hour session in your home, (times may vary depending on situation, additional sessions may be required). Your dog’s behaviour will be discussed and your dog will be observed and assessed. The required training tools and techniques will be explained and then demonstrated to you. Barking Buddies offers free follow up support to all their clients.