Bouncy Bobs Castles

Bouncy Bobs Castles offer themed and basic bouncy castles that are perfect for your childrens birthday parties. Turn your garden into a bouncy party venue. Bouncy Castles are always a hit at birthday parties and at Bouncy Bobs you can choose from the basic bouncy castles, to themed castles, to combo slide units and more inflatable fun.


Organising The Hire From Bouncy Bobs

To hire a bouncy castle from Bouncy Bobs simply give them a call. Then you can choose which type of bouncy castle you would like at your party venue and Bouncy Bobs will help you do the rest.

Bouncy Bobs will deliver the bouncy castle to your garden (free of charge for most of Dublin and for a fee for some parts of Dublin and for the surrounding counties, Meath amd Kildare), set the castle up and instruct one of the adults that will be present for the party on how to run and maintain the castle. The bouncy castle will be anchored safely and left in a clean condition for your party. The castle will be delivered the morning of your birthday party and will be dismantled and collected that evening.

Payment must be made either by cash or cheque upon delivery of the bouncy castle.

It is possible to hire a bouncy castle from Bouncy Bobs for more than one day. After the initial day the rental charge is cut to half price for the consecutive days. The blower unit must be switched off and brought inside before night dew in order to protect the equipment. Multiple days hire is only available if the forecast for the coming days is good.


Bouncy Bobs Castles

Apart from the standard bouncy castles you can hire there are lots of themed bouncy castles for hire at Bouncy Bobs. You can choose from a Batman Castle, to a princess themed one, to Spiderman or Scooby Doo, Superman or Looney Tunes.

There are also bouncy castles with bouncy slides attached for your added enjoyment.


Requirements For Hiring Bouncy Castle

Apart from living within the catchment area for Bouncy Bobs you will of course need adequate space in your garden for the bouncy castle. The castle must be set up on grass and apart from the obvious size of the bouncy castle you will need an additional 2ft of space around the sides of the castles in order to anchor it down securely. You will need 3ft of space at the back of the castle and 3ft at the front of the castle for the safety mats.

The castles can be set up indoors in sports halls or other such facilities that have the space and height available to cater for the bouncy castle.

The castles cannot be used in rain or strong winds as they become slippery and dangerous. If this weather is present on the day of your party a refund of your deposit will be given.

The bouncy castles at Bouncy Bobs are suitable for children aged 12 and under only.


Special Offers At Bouncy Bobs

Bouncy Bobs offer a special midweek offer. If you have your party between Monday and Thursday Bouncy Bobs will give you 10% off.

If you are looking to keep the bouncy castle overnight or for a second day you will only be charged 50% per day after the initial day.

You can receive 10% off if you hire from Bouncy Bobs a second time to your home in the same year.

Please note that the special offers do not apply during the peak season weekends during May.


Bouncy Castle Prices

  • The cost of the bouncy castles at Bouncy Bobs range in price from €130 to €250 depending on the size and type of the unit.
  • An additional €20 is charged for all types of bouncy castles during weekends in May.
  • To keep the bouncy castle overnight or for another day is charged at 50% of the rate for the first day.


Opening Hours At Bouncy Bobs

  • Booking office is open 10.00 – 17.30, Monday – Friday 
  • Units available for hire 7 days a week.
  • Closed during January, both for hire and bookings