Derg Isle Halloween 2021

Book your family on a journey along the Scare-iff River (aka Scariff River) to seek out ghosts and ghouls in their specially constructed scary scenes. An errie environment provides the backdrop to a set that would not be out of place in the scariest movie or an episode of the Walking Dead. The natural environment of Derg Isle river courses will be blanketed in the night-time darkness only broken by the light of the Moon. Complemented by the birds, spiders, bats, whistling trees and lapping waters.

There was a phenomenal response to the 2020 Derg Isle Halloween Boat rides that was ultimately cancelled to comply with Covid restrictions, but now they are back this October.

Each journey will reveal scary scenes from the Pirates Jail, the Frighteningly Haunted House where ghosts and witches reside, they could appear anywhere at anytime, so be prepared.

The grim cemetery scene is simply spine-tingling. A combination of light and sound will create an experience that will shrivel the warmest of human hearts to chilled bones. Be afraid, be very afraid.

There is more and the next fright is only bone length away. It could be around the next corner or it might be a surprise behind you. A moving skeletal remains that you won’t expect, or falling spider or a flickering carved pumpkin. Watch out and stay alert.

Our river cruise is unrivalled this chilly and spooky Halloween season, so don’t miss out on a truly unique experience.

Please note this is an outdoor event and is dependent on the weather, appropriate clothing must be worn. Buoyancy Aids will be provided. By its nature the event will be frightening and is not suitable for younger children (e.g 12yrs or younger).

"Derg Isle Halloween River Cruise"

Scare-Iff River Hallowe’en Cruise

Each scare- cruise experience will be approximately 60mins and will include a return to our seasonally and spookily decorated “Celtic Hut” for treats and activities. Overall experience is expected to be approximately 75 mins.

Cost:- From €15.00 per person or €60 per family comprising of 2 adults and 2 children


FamilyFun Tip:- WARNINGS: You will be FRIGHTENED.* Minimum age limits do not apply but Parental Guidance is advised
This is an outdoor experience & weather dependent

Booking Online:- You can book online here through our booking link directly to the Derg Isle Scare-Iff River Hallowe’en Cruise

To find out more about Derg Isle Hallowe’en Cruise you can contact the team on [email protected] or by phone +353 (87) 125 4365.