Dog Bless

A warm welcome from Dog Bless.

  • No-one to turn to or you have over stretched your
    friends/neighbours goodwill when it comes to attending to your
    animals/pets needs when you are away from home?


  • Dog barking because you are out at work all day?


  • Your much loved pooch would not enjoy a boarding kennel experience?


  • You have several dogs/cats and it will cost you a fortune in kennel fees?


  • You have a small holding with horses/livestock etc and have not
    been able to get away for a break?

If any or all of these questions apply to you,

Dog Bless is the Service for you!


Dog Bless Dog Walking:

We will collect your dog(s) from home, take them for an hours walk
through fields,woods or on the beach. Up to six dogs maximum are
walked at a time so your dog will have a fun stimulating hour socialising
with other dogs. We will then deliver your dog, who
will be happy and well excercised, safely home. We will feed and water as necessary..
If you are away we can also collect post, waterplants, turn light on and off etc…

Dog walking helps alleviate behaviour problems such as barking and chewing
which normally occur through lonliness and boredom.

Dog Bless Rates:

€14 per hour and €7 per extra dog.

Dog Bless Includes:

Free delivery and collection
Fresh water
Continuation of any training programme
Lots of love and affection.


Pet Holiday Care :

We will care for your pet requirments whilst you are away. We will visit
your home as many times as you wish. This service can include walking, feeding,
grooming, playing or even just a bit of
companionship and affection.
We can also water plants, take in post, turn lights on/off or even
check on elderly neighbours.. Whatever is your normal
daily routine we can help!


Prices approximate depending on location and requirements
€10 for first animal per visit.
€5 per extra dog.
€3 per extra cat up to two cats then €1 per extra cat.
€1 per cage of rodents



Doggie Day Care/Family Dog Care

This is especially suitable for dogs that may need more companionship than
our home visits can offer, especially elderly dogs or special needs dogs.

Prices start from 14 euros per day.

Daily collection and delivery service available for day care.

Regular dog walking customers get discounted rates for day care and family care.


Small Holdings/Livestock

Dog Bless has experience in looking after horses,
livestock and taking over small holdings. Where applicable
Dog Bless will stay at your premises whilst you are
away and take over the care of your animal.

Price on application.


Pet Taxi Service

1.20 per mile or 30 euros per hour with animal.
Please note 24 hours notice is usually required for this service.