Go With The Flow River Adventures

Go with Flow River Adventures in Kilkenny operate the most family friendly River safaris in Ireland. If you’re keen to get the family active in outdoor activities than Go With The Flow River Safaries are the adventures for you and your family.

Go with Flow River Adventures tailors their adventures towards each Family group offering a safe and exciting river expericence for children and adults. Choose one of their half or full day activity excursions and spend some quality time with the family paddling some of the most enchanting waterways in Ireland. Go With The Flow adventures take you into beautiful, unspoilt and exciting waterways.

Their instructors will guide you along exclusive trails and show you how to shoot weirs and ride the rapids. You will also pass through dramatic landscapes, mysteries wooded valleys and old navigations once used by the Guinness barges to deliver Ireland’s favourite tipple. You can bring a picnic, visit the playground of The Incredible Mr Kavanagh and take a swim in tranquil sheltered waters of their favourite remote pools.

Whitewater Activities

If its thrills and spills you’re after, then you’re certainly in the right place; let the  Go with Flow River Adventures instructors take you on a whitewater adventure. You will be shooting weirs and waterfalls, riding the rapids, all safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands.



They have a fleet of Canadian canoes that you can hire for a day, two days, a long weekend and  also provide instruction courses, canoe holiday planning and fundraising events.