International Puppet Festival

The International Puppet Festival is delighted to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year with a wide and exciting range of performances from across the world, joined by some of the best Irish puppeteers to provide some evocative and memorable entertainment for Irish audiences.

In the past 20 years the festival has brought to Ireland in excess of 100 international puppetry companies and promoted numerous indigenous productions.

The Festival Programmes has a range of activities during the festival period, theatre performances for adults, children and families and the festival features ventriloquism, circus, cabaret and slapstick…something for all ages to enjoy. 

The International Puppet Festival is the only festival of it’s kind on the island of Ireland and  also sees them extend the International Puppet Festival to Bray for the first time, with performances in the Mermaid Arts Centre. They look forward to building on this new partnership as well as maintaining the city centre presence and their original home in Monkstown / Dun Laoghaire.

All three locatoins will feature some fabulous performances from October 21st – 30th , 2011


International Puppet Festival Booking Office

Tickets for all events and venues can be booked on or on the festival booking line or via Mermaid Arts Centre box office ph: 01 272 4030. 


Childhood Puppets

Family – Childhood Puppets – Hong Kong Puppet & Shadow Art Centre (China)

  • Friday 21st October 7.30pm – Lambert Puppet Theatre, Monkstown.
  • Saturday 22nd October 7.30pm – Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray. 

Jack & The Beanstalk

  • Saturday 22nd October 11.00am – Lambert Puppet Theatre.
  • Sunday 23rd October 11.00am – Mermaid Arts Centre. 

Da Silva Marionette Circus Troupe

  • Sat 22nd October 3.30pm – Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray.
  • Sun 23rd October 4.30pm – Lambert Puppet Theatre. 

Little Red Riding Hood

  •  22 Oct, 23 Oct, 29 Oct, 30 Oct – at Lambert Puppet Theatre

Workshop – Professor Pop-up

  • Monday 24th October 10.30am – Lambert Puppet Theatre, Monkstown
  • Tuesday 25th October 11.00am – Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray


Mimi and Brumm

  • 26 Oct – at Lambert Puppet Theatre

Tchemodan Duet (or Suitcase Duet)

  • Wednesday 26th October 7.30pm- Samuel Beckett Theatre.
  • Saturday 29th October 7.30pm- Mermaid Arts Centre


Allegro Vivace

  • Thursday 27th Oct 7.30pm and Friday 28th Oct 11am – Mermaid Arts Centre.
  • Friday 28th October 7.30pm – Lambert Puppet Theatre.
  • Saturday 29th October 7.30pm – Samuel Beckett Theatre.


Symposium – Where are we now?

  • 28th Oct at 10:45 – at The Ark, A Cultural Centre …

Clann Lir

  • Sat 29th October 11.00am – Lambert Puppet Theatre.



Your Man’s Puppets (The Legend of Lowry Lynch)

  • Saturday 29th October 11.00am – Samuel Beckett Theatre.
  • Sunday 30th October 11.00am – Mermaid Arts Centre.



Puppet Circus

  • Saturday 29th October 3.30pm – Samuel Beckett Theatre.
  • Sunday 30th October 3.30pm – Mermaid Arts Centre.


  • Saturday 29th October 3.30pm – Mermaid Arts Centre.
  • Sunday 30th October 3.30pm – Samuel Beckett Theatre. 



Mise Sceal Cailín

  • 30 Oct – at Lambert Puppet Theatre