Maghera Caves and Port

As you approach Ardara, you will see Maghera Caves and Port signposted  Alladdin’s Cave .

It is not so much that the caves are particularly spectacular in themselves, it is that the chemistry of dark sea caves, the wide, dazzling silver beach which leads to them, and the wild, craggy hills above them, gives you an astonishing sense of being transported to a magical wilderness. Man seems to have made very little impression on this strong, vibrant landscape.

The road to the caves run on the southern shore of Loughros Beg, cutting through steep-sided rock faces where streams tumble from their beds and free fall to the base of the cliffs. The most spectacular of these is Assaranca Falls. To your right, the huge beach occupies the inlet, with the sea beyond seemingly held at bay by an invisible hand.

You can park at a cottage, right, and walk the signposted track which leads to the dunes, the beach and the Maghera Caves, frowning under the quartzite rocks which roof them.