Marlay Craft Fair 2018

Do you want to unleash your creative passion with like-minded people?

Well, Visit Marley Crafts Fair in Marley Park in Dublin this Novemeber!

Marley Crafts Fair is promoting and supporting all the beautiful handmade Irish crafts made by very unique artists

Take a look around the 60 stands present on the day including textiles, woodcrafts, cermaics, glass art and much much more!

From 45 stands to 60 stands due to the huge populairty of the event and it’s only getting better!

So join Marley Craft Fair to meet passionate like-minded people surrounding crafts and enjoy beautiful art work or even come down and see what type of art work you can pick up to bring your house to the next level!

There will also be a place for savory snacks and refreshments to keep you going throughout the entire event!

Event Information 

Venue : Marley Park, Co.Dublin

Classification: Family Event / Arts and Crafts

Admission :-  Adults €2.50 *no charge for accompanied children*