Marvellous Faces Face Painting

Marvellous Faces is a highly professional face painting friendly service for birthday parties, family events, clubs, festivals, store openings, sporting events and family fun days and is covered by full public liability insurance

Imagine the look of amazement on a child’s face when they see themselves transformed. It’s a truly magical moment.

And it doesn’t have to be reserved for children, adults can have just as much party fun being Spiderman.

Marvellous Faces is one of the cheapest face painting services in the Irish market but still provide a highly professional, artistic and friendly service

Only top quality, professional water based make-up is used which is kind and friendly to children’s skin. It’s removed very easily with just soap and water!

Marvellous Face will let your imagination go wild with tiger, cat, witch or superhero faces. Roar through lion whiskers or cast a spell with your new witch face!


Marvellous Faces Face Painting Hygiene Standards

Marvellous Faces is raising the standard of hygiene in face painting as an art, in Ireland. We want it to be a thoroughly enjoyable and fun experience for everyone that uses our service. 

  • They will not paint over any cuts or broken skin. They will not paint a person with a rash or any skin or eye
    infections. This protects both the child and the artist. But they will offer an alternative, like a design on the hand so no one feels left out.
  • They  use only thoruoughly clean brushes and sponges
  • They use a clean sponge for the person’s face and don’t reuse it until it has been washed in very hot water. They don’t want to spread any germs or viruses between people!
  • Water is always changed regularly. They bring our own to ensure clean water is in good supply.
  • Only water-based make-up is used. Glitters are polyester and do not contain metals. Both paints and glitters are easily removed with soap and water.


So contact Maria at Marvellous Faces about face painting or about hiring them to cater for a special event