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Kevin started drawing very early. In fact, he can’t remember exactly when. All his brothers and sister and drew. They used to lay on the kitchen floor with a piece of paper and colouring pencils, absorbed in creating pictures for their mum. Mum would be ironing or making something for lunch in the kitchen and the BBC would be on the radio. Kevin was fascinated by what his eldest brother could draw initially -he was naturally gifted and bright, so he had to work hard to keep up!

At sixteen years old, after a school life, where Kevin was largely absent in spirit, he was politely invited not to come back after the summer break at the end of his  exams.  He became a printer but continued his passion for art al the way through until finally applying his art to newspapers illustration as an award-winning illustrator.

For many years, Kevin’s illustration work appeared  regularly in the Irish Times, Sunday Business Post and the Wall Street Journal, amongst many other papers. You can look at his illustrative work here.  Kevin loved most of the work he did for those papers

Kevin helped set up and establish the Illustrators Guild of Ireland and was Chairman for the first five years of its existence.

Kevin has been involved in exhibitions in Le Louvre in Paris and the International Cultural Centre of the City of Nantes. Kevins work hangs in the British National Collection.

Draw your own Teen Stories Teen Summer Camp

A week of fun drawing for teenage budding artists to spark creativity ( 13-17yrs).   Kevin will help you gain new skills and approaches to drawing and to think like an artist. In this week-long camp, you work together with various mediums – but all achievable. All you’ll need is a PC with a webcam, some drawing tools (pencils, Biros, fineliners or Sharpies are great) and a pad of cartridge paper (You can find these in any art shop and many newsagents. Mr Price is especially good).

Together, you will work on creating art from our imaginations based on a variety of inspirational bases. It could be your favourite books, music or characters. Each day, Kevin starts by showing you an example or two of his drawings and then together you will choose a subject such as a scene or character from Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Lord of the Rings or your own favourite superhero and develop our own compositions. With art, the possibilities are endless!

Each day Kevin will show you a different medium: Pencils; Sharpies, Biros, Dip-pens (if you have one); Fineliners and/or brushes and ink. You can choose whichever you like best. The whole idea is to get drawing the creativity, humour and individuality out of your child. Drawing is something that should be unique to each person – and the good news is; you don’t have to be Leonardo da Vinci!

DATES:   21st June to 16th July

Week 1:   21st June to 25th June

Week 2:  28th June to 2nd July

Week 3:    5th July to 9th July

Week 4:  12th July to 16th July

Week 5:  26th July to 30th July

Week 6:   9th August to 13th August

COST: €125 – Discount Code 

10% discount with the code AF2021 on all camps booked from 12th July 2021

TIME: Each day from 11am to 1pm – with a 15 minute break in the middle for you to take a snack.

Booking Online:- You can book online here through our booking link directly to the McSherry Studio Teen Virtual Summer Camp

Familyfun Tips:   To make it easier on those with a bunch of kids to take care of, there’s a siblings discount of 15% Just use the ‘Multiple Kids’ option when booking.

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