Mitchelstown Caves Tipperary

Mitchelstown Caves in Co.Tipperaryis considered one of the most spectacular caves in Ireland. Visitors and group outings are shown daily through almost half a mile of this world famous show cave, which includes three massive caverns, in which the visitor is surrounded by indescribable drip stone formations, stalactites-stalagmites and huge calcite columns.

Mitchelstown Cave has to be seen at leisure so that its timeless masterpieces of nature become vividly imprinted on one’s memory. A visit to the cave must be on the visitor’s itinerary.

Discovered in 1833 Mitchelstown Caves Cork by the local farmer Michael Condon. He lost his crowbar in a crack while breaking stones for his house. Trying to find his tool and digging along the crack he opened a cave. This entrance is used until today.

The caves are amongst the finest Limestone caves in Europe, extending over an area about 16 kms long and 5 kms wide, between Cahir and Mitchelstown. A haven of mystery and intrigue, it is a chilling and exciting place for visitors and explorers alike. Up to one 1 km deep, the showcave boasts some spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations; the Tower of Babel, standing 10 metres high, is a wondrous sight and a timeless tribute to the power and wonder of nature.


Mitchelstown Cave Tour

The Guided tour takes you through almost half a mile of this world famous cave, which includes three massive carerns. The largest measuring 51×31 metres, with the roof tapering up to 20m height. In this cavern, you are surrounded by indescribable drip stone formations, stalactites, stalagmites, huge calcite columns and one of Europe’s finest columns, inspiring ‘Tower of Babel’ formation which stands some 30 feet high. The temperature remains constant at 12 degrees C which makes it seem warm in winter and cold in summer.

The Mitchelstown Caves tours are provided for all groups. Primary and Secondary school tours, summer camps and coaches are welcome along with families and holiday makers. For overseas groups they are happy for you to bring along a translator and can cater for a longer tour in that circumstance.

Bring a picnic along and avail of the beautiful panoramic views of the Galty Mountains before your descent underground.


Aillwee Caves Opening Times And Admission Charges

Visitors to the Mitchelstown Cave still buy their tickets from the family home. The cave has been in the same family since its discovery.


The Mitchelstown Cave are open all year

  • March to May (Open 7 days a week) – 10am to 5pm
  • June to August (Open 7 days a week) – 10am to 5:30pm
  • September to October (Open 7 days a week) – 10am to 5pm
  • November to February  (Open weekends and school holidays only) – 10am to 4pm
Guided Tours:
Entry to cave is by guided tour. Tour times are arranged on arrival.  Minimum 2 adults required for tour


Directions to Mitchelstown Caves

Mitchelstown Cave is situated midway between Cahir and Mitchelstown, take exit 11 and 12 on the M8. County Tipperary. Mitchelstown lies half way between Cork and Cashel on the N8. From Mitchelstown follow the N8 direction Cashel, 3km behind Kilbeheny turn right towards Bunrcourt, 3.2km off the N8. 13km from Mitchelstown, 15km from Cahir.