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Help Find Rudolph!

News Alert-

Rudolph is missing.  Senior Elf Buddy came to the Phoenix Park to help with the search.  He was able to pick up clues indicating that Rudolph is making daily visits to one particular area of the park. We are calling this The Red Zone.  No message from Elf Land as to why Rudolf decided to stray and why he is not answering his calls.  The search continues and parents and children are urged to come and join in the search for Rudolf.

Come and join the search with Phoenix Park Bikes.  They need to help Santa find the missing Rudolph and get him home before Christmas Eve!

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Help Find Rudolph

Help the Team at Phoenix Park locate Rudolph for Santa. They need to get him home before December 24th.

Search Hub

On arrival to the Search Hub (Phoenix Park Bikes) you will receive:
– Your bikes
– Up to speed details on the search and where to go.
– Download of map and details for the kids to follow as they go in search
– Facts and details about the deer to help the search
– On return use interactive map. Mark where you may have seen Rudolph

Each child that participates in the search will receive a gift left as a thank you from Buddy the Senior elf.

You can book your bikes here Search for Rudolph

Where To Find Phoenix Park Bikes

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