Pinocchio, a wooden puppet, is brought to life by the Blue Fairy, with the promise that he can become a real boy if he proves himself worthy. Pinocchio is led astray by the wicked Honest John and his companion Gideon, who turn him over to an evil puppeteer, Stromboli.

Pinocchio is sent to Pleasure Island, where wicked boys are turned into donkeys, but he escapes with the aid of his friend and conscience, Jiminy Cricket, and eventually redeems himself by saving his father, Geppetto, who has been swallowed by Monstro, the whale.

The Blue Fairy rewards Pinocchio by turning him into a real boy.


Pinocchio DVD Special Features

  • “No Strings Attached: The Making of Pinocchio”
  • Behind-the-Scenes the creation of this beloved film
  • Story of the Grandfather Tree
  • A sequence planned for the film that never materialized
  • The Sweat Box
  • Demystifying one of the lesser know animation processes
  • Geppetto’s Then And Now
  • Live Action Reference Footage
  • Pinocchio Art & Collectable Galleries
  • Collection of Theatrical Trailers
  • Deleted Songs
  • Pinocchio Puzzles



Pinocchio Bluray Special Features

  • First Time Ever In High Definition With Up To 7.1 Sound
  • Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes
  • Never-Before-Seen And Alternate Ending
  • Disney View– Expanded Viewing Experience
  • Cine-Explore Experience
  • Pinocchio Knows Trivia Challenge
  • Pleasure Island Carnival Games
  • No Strings Attached– The Making Of Pinocchio
  • Audio Commentary With Leonard Maltin,
  • Eric Goldberg And J. G. Kaufman
  • Geppettos Then And Now
  • Plus All DVD Features And More!


Running Time:- 1 hour 24 minutes


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