Popstar Parties


Popstar Parties, cool parties for cool kids.  Sing, dance, act, play games, win prizes and have fun with your friends.

Be a Popstar for the day – with the use of coloured hair spray, Popstar face painting, glitter, temporary tattoos and cool prizes, both girls and boys will feel like the ultimate popstars for the day. 

Sing karaoke and learn dance moves all the favourite songs from the latest chart topping music and musical films.  They bring cool disco lights to ad to the already energy fuelled atmosphere.  

Popstar Parties aim is to create a fun atmosphere where even the shiest of children want to be involved.  PsP is not a show!  They aspire to create the perfect party every time.  Each party evolves and is inspired by the children’s reactions.  With the help of the entertainer the children become the entertainment and are encouraged to use their imagination, input their ideas and of course perform! 

They learn how to be a popstar, and also learn important interaction skills with their piers.  Each of the entertainers are professional dancers, singers or actors who understand that entertaining children is about earning their trust and encouraging them rather then forcing them to get involved.

They cater for children between the ages of six and thirteen.

You can be assured that with Popstar Parties, your party will be one to be remembered!