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Sea Safari

Welcome to Sea Safari, the tour that is fast becoming one of Dublin’s primary family leisure attractions. With departures from Malahide Marina and the City Centre, Sea Safari has become a firm favourite with visitors and families alike.

Sea Safari will bring you on a thrilling, high-speed sea tour around Dublin while also showing you spectacular sights and attractions.

Aboard specially designed RIB’s (Rigid Inflatable Boats), the Sea Safari tour incorporates a unique and often stunning exploration of the rich bird and wildlife of the area, as well as an informative guide to the local history, culture and heritage of Dublin Bay. Sites regularly visited include Lambay Island, Dalkey Island and Killiney Bay. And with the possibility of seeing dolphins, seals, porpoises, kittiwakes, cormorants, puffins and much more, Sea Safari truly is something that should not be missed.

Forget the weather; they operate safely all year round in almost all weather conditions. They also kit you out so that you remain dry and safe throughout your trip even when it’s raining. In fact it’s more fun when the wind blows as the waves are even larger!

Sea Safari is suitable for just about everyone! Chidren over 8 years old are allowed partake in the fun and they also cater for group outings, be they individual families or schools.  Their facilities are also suitable for people with special needs.

Sea Safari is a great day out for families and a unique tour for visitors to explore Dublin Bay, its surrounding coastline and the city itself. So whether you are organising a surprise party or family event, book Sea Safari today for an unforgettable Dublin experience!


Sea Safari Dublin Highlights

There are too many Sea Safari highlights to mention, but here is a taste of what you can expect;

  • The thrill of the high speed RIB
  • The local history, culture and heritage.
  • The richness of Ireland’s sea and bird life.
  • Regular sightings of Seals, Porpoises, Dolphins, Cormorants, Shags, Kittiwakes, Gannets and Guillemots.
  • Dalkey Island
  • The beautiful and scenic coastline that will live long in the memory.

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