StageSchool Ireland in Mayo

StageSchool Mayo isn’t just for performers, it’s also for young people who simply enjoy learning to act, sing and dance. At StageSchool they pride themselves on developing skills for life.

The Stage School ethos is to enable children to grow gradually, and at their own speed, and to accomplish their personal full potential. Some might gain the confidence to strive harder for their ambitions. Some might want to work in the performing arts. Whatever their dream, the caring and talented staff at Stage School Mayo make sure they keep their feet firmly on the ground.stage-school-mayo

All classes are run by professional teachers who are passionate about what they do and the curriculum is broad to enable students to experience a wide range of styles and skills.

Fun is an essential element and StageSchool Ireland has learned one truth over many years, children love to achieve and flourish in a disciplined, trusting environment. At StageSchool in Mayo they don’t set out to create fun, the students do that for themselves.

StageSchool Ireland has set the highest standards and maintains them with the support of a network of schools in Ireland.

StageSchool Mayo Dance Classes

Children will learn balance and coordination, fine tune gross motor skills, learn to use their bodies as an expressive tool, plus have an incredible amount of fun while learning cool new dance moves!

StageSchool Mayo Drama Classes

Children begin learning about dramatic exploration through fun activities, storytelling, improvisation, and character development. Acting class also helps children develop concentration, build language and communication skills, enhance emotional intelligence, and build lasting friendships.

StageSchool Mayo Singing Classes

The Stage School singing class teaches children the fundamentals of using their voice properly, rhythm, timing, and singing with a group. Additionally, singing classes for children help ease stress, boost confidence, and help develop self-expression.

StageSchool Mayo

StageSchool Mayo has a programme for our young performers to build confidence through performing arts classes combined.

Junior Stage

Junior Stage at StageSchool Clare classes are a 90 minute program for 4-6 year olds in which students explore the world of musical theatre through storytelling, music and dance. Your child’s instructor will help him/her develop the core fundamentals of acting, singing, and dance through games and imaginative play. Students are engaged through a variety of fun activities and create a safe, positive, and fun learning environment so that each child is comfortable exploring their natural creative abilities. At the end of each term, Junior Stage students perform a showcase highlighting the skills they have developed in singing class, acting class, and dance class.

Junior Stage Classes for (4-6 years) on:

Saturday 11:15 – 12:45

Booking Online:- You can book online here through our booking link directly to StageSchool – Enrol Now

Senior Stage

Senior Stage classes in Mayo are for 6-18 year olds in which students develop self-expression, enhance social skills, and grow confident through dance classes, acting and singing classes. Class meets every Saturday at Sacred Heart School, Westport, Co Mayo for three hours. Students are divided into three age groups and rotate between hour long acting, singing and dance lessons. Students work on building their skill sets in each discipline.

Senior Stage Classes for (6-18 years) on:

Saturday 10:00 – 13:00

Booking Online:- You can book online here through our booking link directly to StageSchool – Enrol Now