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"The Moving Crib"

The Moving Crib in Dublin 2018

The Moving Crib  in St. Martin Apostolate , Parnell Square, is still, for many people, one of the most charming aspects of Christmas in Dublin City

It has fascinated generations of children from Dublin and all over Ireland and 60 years after it first began, it still draws the crowds

The Moving Crib Dublin with its old world charm, is a godsend to parents concerned with teaching their children about the birth of Christ. The real meaning of Christmas is conveyed in an unforgettable and fascinating manner

This year, the Moving Crib will be celebrating its 62th birthday, YAY!

Having undergone major renovations, you’re greeted with a montage of many historical, fun stories, including Noah’s Ark, The Wise Men and many many more!

These scenes, competitions, an illusion wall and a little touch of magic are all sure to guarantee a fun learning experience for children of all ages. It is the perfect family day out in the run up to Christmas and it’s still FREE!

The Moving Crib is like an expanded Nativity Play going back to Adam and Eve and finishing after the crib scene with the young Jesus teaching the Doctors in the Temple

There are over 100 figures in the Crib arranged in 14 different tableaux. They cover various episodes of the Old and New Testament. The figures themselves are about a meter high, molded in papier-mache and dressed in miniature clothes. Concealed motors control the movements of the arms, head and legs.

All of these figures, motors, clothing etc. come from a world famous firm in Germany!

For more information, visit Saint Martin

Event Information

Venues:- St. Martin Apostolate, Co. Dublin

Classification :-  Family Christmas Event  / All Ages

Admission:- FREE (Donations are accepted)

Dates:-  27th November – 6th January  *Closed Christmas Eve / Day and New Year’s Day*

Time:- Open daily at 11am – 6pm

Groups Bookings

Groups / Schools are welcome any time! Just make sure to guarantee your spot by booking online now through the Group Booking Form

A simple step-by-step which you’ll just need to fill in the required information then send it on its way to Sant Martins to review and confirm your booking

For more information, visit Group Booking Form

Family Fun Tip:- Families are especially welcome. There is obviously a certain amount of work involved in setting it up and maintaining it and providing security personnel for the entire period. Is it worth it? Just listening to parents with their young children or teachers going around the crib with a group of children and patiently explaining the meaning of each scene makes it all worth while!


"The Moving Crib in Dublin"







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