Dublin – The Story Bus Halloween Trip

"The Story Bus - A trip into the Story"

Hop on The Story Bus and Experience

The Story Bus adventure combines the excitement of travelling on a bus with live storytelling, fun and quality family time for an enjoyable and exciting afternoon program!

Fun, Live Entertainment and Lifelong Learning on a 4 hour trip from your city to amazing destinations.

Abracadabra School is reaching more and more children, parents and families all over Ireland.

The Story Bus is created by Abracadabra School for Creative Kids. This new interactive experiences help children and parents communicate better and build trust based relationships. Launching the Story Bus, Abracadabra School creates a unique and interactive experience for families all over Ireland.

The bus is a real, physical bus departing from Dublin, Cork, Galway and Waterford to different locations around the city! During the trip, the dedicated tour guide will introduce you to the story in a fun and interactive way. As soon as you arrive at the destination, you will discover the magical places where the story unfolds. On the way back, you will celebrate together the friendships and learning that you have experienced together.

For the Parent

Just sit back, relax and listen to the story instead of hearing the eternal question: “ARE we there yet?”. They will drive and entertain your kids so you can be part of the adventure and enjoy the moments. And why not, experience the magic yourself!

For the Child

This will be an entertaining trip where you will listen to an amazing interactive story and experience great adventures when they reach your destination. And why not, enjoy a little bit of learning and lots and lots of fun.

Booking The Next Story Bus

For more information and to book contact Irina, email [email protected] or Tel 085 2817858.

Birthday Parties on The Story Bus

Do you wish to celebrate your birthday like never before? Are you looking to surprise yourself and your friends? Then Story Bus will take you into The Story! Literally.

Tell them your Favorite Story or even Your Story and they will create a unique and personalized 4 hour experience that will entertain you and your friends on the Bus and on the spot!

Give them at least 30 days in advance and book The Story Bus (date & time) and they will create the Story of your choice and  will present you the general outline. Than they will choose a destination for the Bus (they will share it with you or keep it as a surprise). Invite your friends on the day and hour chosen and you let yourself be entertained and surprised!

Capture the moments, have fun and share the special day with all people who matter to you

Both you and your guests will be part of the experience.

For more information and to book contact Irina, email [email protected] or Tel 0851 890 191

Story Bus School Trips

Bring your primary students on a Trip into the Story where they will remember the fun and learning for a lifetime! Choose one of Abracadabra Interactive Stories or tell them which Story you would like to bring on board.

The story bus will create the experience for you and your students!

For more information and to book contact Irina, email [email protected] or Tel 085 2817858.

"The Story Bus with Abracadabra School"


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