Tips For A Party At A Venue 

1.       Take extra carrier bags to the venue to bring home any presents.


2.       Put names on the party bags so you can keep track of who has received them and who hasn’t.


3.       It is a good idea to make extra party bags for any brothers or sisters or unexpected guests.


4.       Keep contact details for all parents of the guests with you, just in case.


5.       Ensure your camera has enough film/memory and is fully charged.


6.       Advise the guests of appropriate clothing for the party on the invitation if necessary.


7.       Keep a packet of baby wipes handy – they are great for cleaning spillages off clothes as well as wiping sticky hands!


8.       Be specific as to what time the party ends on the invitations and if asked on the day.


9.       The best times for parties are usually 1.00 – 3.00 and 2.00 – 4.00 as you won’t need to worry about serving the children a full meal, some party snacks will be sufficient.


10.   It is a great idea to have thank you notes ready to write after the party when everything and everyone is fresh on your mind. 


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