Tips For Party Invitations 

1.       A good rule for the number of children to invite is your child’s age plus one or two. As your child gets older however you can begin to cut down, especially if you intend on having a sleepover party…then it can be a good idea to invite half you child’s age! 


2.       Invitations should clearly provide the following information: Your child’s full name, the party date and place, the time and duration, your name and contact details for parents to R.S.V.P. and any other information such as the theme. (If you request that parents stay for the duration of the party make sure to state this on the invitation.)


3.       It can be a great help to parents if you enclose a map to the party location (be it your house or otherwise) if it can be somewhat tricky to find.


4.       It’s natural to worry about leaving people out but if you keep it small (i.e. the number of children invited is far less than those not invited) it shouldn’t be a problem. Try to be discreet when giving out invitations (it can be a good idea to post them instead of letting your child hand them out in class).


5.       If you are still unsure about who to invite to the party it can be a good idea to talk to the class teacher and ask his/her advice. However some teachers do not allow party invitations to be handed out in class unless all of the children are invited.


6.       Ensure that you deliver the invitations plenty of time in advance to allow your guests to keep the date free and for you to collect R.S.V.P.s (Note that when parents are replying to your invitation they may ask you for some gift ideas for your child, it can be handy to have a few ideas in your head.)


7.       If you have the time it can be a wonderful idea to hand make your invitations with your child. Children love to be busy sticking, cutting, gluing and colouring.