Tips On Hiring Party Entertainers


1.       If at all possible try to see the entertainer you have chosen before booking him/her for your party. Of course this is rarely possible so try to get feedback from other parents who have seen him/her.


2.       Always have a backup plan for party entertainment in case the entertainer cancels at the last minute.


3.       Remember that they entertainer is there to entertain the children, not adults, so the most important thing is not necessarily that they are the most talented entertainer but that he/she is good with children.


4.       When the entertainer arrives introduce your child to him/her as they will usually make an effort to make the birthday child feel extra special and important. If your child is quite shy and does not like to be made a fuss of though it is a good idea to warn the entertainer beforehand.


5.       It’s possible to hire character entertainers who turn up dressed as a favourite character – perfect for themed parties!



To Find A Great ….. Party Entertainer