Dublin – Dublinia at Halloween

Dublinia at Halloween 2017

"Dublinia at Halloween"

Dismal, dark, sickly and supernatural things are happening all around medieval Dublin.

Meet the chancers from the Medieval city who have the gruesome job of hauling the poor victims of the Black Death to a mass grave outside the city walls.
Listen as they tell you the stories of their presumed immunity from the plague, from wearing herbs, to being so holy and wholesome of character. However, they seem to be dealing with a terrible cough and also checking the pockets of the dead for loose change so some might think differently!
As they head to the graveyard at the church of St. Michael’s with some of the victims, are they being watched, and by who??

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Dublinia at Halloween Event Information

Venue:- Dublinia in Dublin

Dates:- 28th October to the 3rd November 2017

Time:- 12pm-1pm and 2pm-4pm

Performance Times are every 15 minutes.

Suitable for all ages

Admission:- Normal Dublinia admission rates apply and no booking is required!

"Dublinia family attraction in Dublin"


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