Athenry Bouncy Castles Galway

Athenry Bouncy Castles is a family run business based in Athenry, Co. Galway supplying the town and surrounding areas with a variety of bouncy castles and castle/slide combinations. They are suitable for children of all ages and are great for kids parties, communions, confirmations or any other celebration.

There is no Irish Association for Bouncy Castles but Athenry Bouncy Castles have become members of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance in order to remain updated on health and safety matters in relation to bouncy castle hire.


Organising The Hire

To hire a bouncy castle or other inflatable from Athenry Bouncy Castles simply give them a call on the above number. You will need to provide them with the date required for hiring the castle, the type of castle you would prefer, the type of ground you wish to set the castle on, your name and address. No deposit is necessary and there is no cancellation fee provided you cancel more than 48 hours in advance.

If you are unsure that the castle you would like would fit in your garden Athenry Bouncy Castles will arrange for someone to call out and take a look at your garden.

The night before your party Athenry Bouncy Castles will ring and confirm booking, directions, delivery time and advise you on the weather. On the day they will arrive and set up. They normally set up in an area you desire but sometimes it is impractical due to equipment. After the castle is set up a staff member of Athenry Bouncy Castles will walk you through the castle set up and give you a brief instruction on usage and safety.

When they are finished and you are satisfied, Athenry will take back a signed copy of disclaimer and payment (either cash or cheque). They will also confirm pick up time at this stage. It takes around half an hour to set up and then again to dismantle the castle.

Upon collection of the castle Athenry Bouncy Castles will inspect the castle for excessive dirt or any damages, which you are accountable for.


Athenry Bouncy Castles

  • The standard bouncy castles measure 14 x 12 and have rain cover. They are ideal for those with limited garden space.
  • If you have a larger garden you can choose the 17 x 15 bouncy castle and slide combination. It is very popular with the added enjoyment of the slide.
  • There is a larger castle if you can accommodate it, measuring 17 x 20. Again it is a castle and slide combination.


Requirements For Hire

Apart from living within the catchment area for Athenry Bouncy Castles around the Athenry area including Loughrea and Oranmore you will of course need adequate space in your garden for the bouncy castle. The castle must be set up on grass or tarmac (not gravel or stones) and apart from the obvious size of the bouncy castle you will need an additional 2ft of space around the sides of the castles in order to anchor it down securely. You will need 3ft of space at the back of the castle and 3ft at the front of the castle for the safety mats. These are general space requirements; you will need to ask Athenry Bouncy Castles for the specific requirements for the castle you have chosen.

Bouncy Castles should not be used in high winds or heavy rain for safety reasons. Most of the castles come with a shower cover which is effective in light rain. If the weather is particularly poor, Athenry Bouncy Castles will make a decision on the day whether it is safe to inflate and operate the castle. They will not take any payment until they inflate the castle on your premises, so if they decide that the weather is too bad to use the castle, you will not be required to pay anything.