Baboro International Arts Festival For Children 2016

Baboro, Ireland’s premier international arts festival for children and families runs in Galway city and county in October, featuring Theatre, Dance, Literature, Music, Puppetry, Workshops and Visual Art for all ages. See the magic of well-known stories come to dazzling life on the stage. Special treats are also in store for everyone with beautiful exhibitions, readings and workshops. Come to Galway to experience this delightful Festival and explore this beautiful family-friendly city.

The streets of Galway will come alive with the Festival’s very special opening theme and Baboró invites the public to come and celebrate the Festival’s and express themselves in a creative and fun while enjoying street music and games.

Over 100,000 children have attended shows and participated in workshops since Baboró began in 1997. Baboro, Ireland’s flagship festival for children and families celebrates 19 years as a festival this year, with a stunning lineup of Irish and International performances, Galway’s premier event for children attracts visitors from all across Ireland, Europe and further afield, when the city is given over to the celebration of arts for children and families.

So pack your bags, hop on that train, plane or bus, and get yourself to Galway where a magical, wondrous feast awaits you.

Daily Performances:   Morning, afternoon and evening shows for schools and public.

Baboro Arts Festival Programme of Events

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Baboro Arts Festival Relaxed Programme

The Relaxed Programme features performances specifically for parents or teachers who may have concerns about bringing their child/children to a public event. Baboro aim is to provide a comfortable and relaxed space for children to enjoy the show, and in turn provide a stress-free environment for parents.

What is a Relaxed Performance? These performances are presented in a supportive atmosphere and reduce any discomfort or anxiety children or parents may have surrounding the theatre experience. Children, parents, teachers and carers can enjoy the experience knowing that:

  • The performances selected have visual delights or music and usually include humour.
  • If children are uncomfortable and need a break, they can go out and return when they are ready.
  • If children require snacks to be available to eat, they will be allowed to do so. We do ask that the snacks are not wrapped in noisy paper.
  • It is not essential that the children are absolutely silent throughout the performance.
  • These performances are open to everyone.

Event Information

Venue:- Various Venues, in Galway

Classification:- Family Festival

Date:- 17 – 23 October 2016

Time:- Various Times

Admission:- Various Prices