Blind Man Penalty Shoot Out


Age                      9-12 years


Categories          Suitable for outdoor parties


Players                3 or more


Equipment          1   blindfold

                              1   football

                              1   Goalpost (or something to form goal boundaries with such as cones or jumpers)


Formation           No goalkeeper needed!


Blind Man Penalty Shoot Out Game                One player at a time has a shot at scoring a goal…but there’s a catch! The player (who is standing 5-6 steps away from the ball) is blindfolded and spun around a few times before being allowed to take a shot at the goal. It can be quite funny to see the player take multiple kicks at the air before they manage to hit the ball! Place a time limit on a players turn, the winner is whoever scores a goal (or the most goals if your players are pretty good at it!)


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