Bottles Of Fun 


 Age                       6-8 years 


Categories          Suitable for outdoor parties 


Players                 8 or more 


Equipment          An empty coke/7up/orange bottle per team

                              A small plastic cup per team

                              A bucket of water per team

                              A kind and willing adult per team! 


Formation           Adults sit at one end of the garden and their team stand lined up behind their bucket at the other end of the garden. The bucket should be filled with water and have one plastic cup in it. The adult should have a large empty bottle one their head that is cut open at the top. 


Game                   On the whistle the first child fills their plastic cup and races to their adult to pour the water from the cup into the bottle, trying to keep as much of the water as possible in the cup until then! When they have emptied the cup they must run back and put the cup back in the bucket. The next player fills the cup again and does the same as the first person. This keeps going until one adult has a full bottle on their head. That team wins.


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