Childrens Party Magician

Childrens Party Magician provide a sensational, fun and entertaining magic show in your home for that birthday party or special occasion. The show is full of comedy, colour and lots of magic.

Carl Campbell the childrens party magician makes childhood memories for a living. He will provide a sensational magic show right there in your home. He will perform a really funny comedy magic show where the birthday child is the STAR.  

Childrens Party Magician changes his show regularly and keeps them fresh and clean. At your child’s birthday Carl will focus on making the day special for your child, not bringing the attention on himself. His job is to make sure your child and the rest of the party has a good time. 


Childrens Party Magician Birthday Parties

The Childrens Party Magician magic show lasts for 1 hour. It is full of comedy, colour and lots of magic.There is plenty of audience participation and interaction. The birthday child is invited up to help be the star of the show. Also included in the show is appearance of a live rabbit, Mr Fluffy The Magic Rabbit, you should see the look on their faces and  balloon modeling
The children just love the show with lots of fun, laughter, excitement and audience participation guaranteed.

Carl’s magic show is entirely self contained, he brings everything. All he needs is a room that does not have too much furniture.
No need to bring in extra chairs as the children will sit on the floor. Adults are welcome to sit in and enjoy the show too.
Carl Campbell the Childrens Party Magician has a magic show to suit all ages from 4-14 years old. He can tailor the show to suit any age group of children ensuring that he will have their full attention from beginning to end.
To Book Your Magic Show call  Carl on 086 3917110