City Limits Entertainment Centre

City Limits Entertainment Centre is the ultimate in family entertainment in Galway, an emporium of indoor adventure for all ages and is sure to have something for you and your family, be it for a family fun day out or as a party venue for your childs birthday party.

City Limits has a bowling area, an adventure centre, a restaurant, childrens play centre and more.


Facilities At City Limits


  • Bonkers


Bonkers is the newly opened play centre for children aged between 0 and 10 years. There is a soft play area for toddles which includes soft animals, building blocks, a ball pool, shape games, funny mirrors and a treasure hunt.

For the older kids there is a large ball pool with crawl tube, slides, a dizzy disk and an extended car track, a large inflatable obstacle course and an area for arts and crafts. The arts and crafts are suitable for kids of all ages to enjoy. 


  • Zero Limits


City Limits also has the adventure centre called Zero Limits. This is a stimulating, exciting and physically challenging centre where you can climb the 5ft wall while suspended from the roof and manage your way through the Laser quest Arena. There is also the new Inflatable City for you to try. Also in Zero Limits are pool tables and video games.


  • City Bowl


City Limits is home to City Bowl with amazing lighting and music sure to make your day enjoyable. City Bowl has 18 lanes and 6 of these have computerised scorekeeping and automated bumpers for beginners.


Amazonia Restaurant At City Limits

This is certainly a restaurant with a difference. Amazonia Restaurant resembles a tropical rainforest with waterfalls, lush vegetation, and even indigenous creatures. There can be sudden tropical storms so watch out (but don’t worry, you won’t actually get wet). The food is served by the Park Rangers and ranges from steaks to pizzas to suit everyone. 


City Limits As A Party Venue

There are six party packages on offer at City Limits. They request that at least one parent remains with the party per six children for all party packages. They all last approximately two and a half hours in duration and require a minimum of four children. The birthday boy or girl receives a birthday card, a free return voucher and birthday invitations will be supplied for everyone you want to invite to the party. Each party package also includes a meal and soft drink in Amazonia Restaurant.

  • Party Package One at City Limits:


This party caters for a maximum of 25 children and they must be over the age of 7. It includes a half hour bowling, a half hour at laser quest and meal.

  • Party Package Two at City Limits:


Catering for up to 18 children under the age of 7, this party includes a half hour bowling, a half hour play in Bonkers Play Centre and a meal.

  • Party Package Three at City Limits:


This package is only available on weekdays and caters for up to 18 children under the age of 7. It includes one a half hours play at Bonkers Play Centre and a meal.

  • Party Package Four at City Limits:


A maximum of 18 children can attend this party with a half hours bowling and play on the climbing wall before enjoying a meal at Amazonia.

  • Party Package Five at City Limits:


Up to 25 kids can enjoy this party on weekdays only. It includes a half hour bowling and a half hour play in the Inflatable City and of course a meal.

  • Party Package Six at City Limits:


This party caters for up to 25 children but is only available Monday through to Thursday. At this party kids can enjoy an hours play in the Inflatable City and a meal in Amazonia.


Admission Rates At City Limits

  • Laser quest: €6
  • Inflatables: €6
  • Snooker: €10 per hour
  • Climbing Wall: €6
  • Airpark: €6


Opening Hours For City Limits

All times are subject to changes during holiday periods.

  • For Bonkers: 10.00 – 19.00 Daily.
  • For City Bowl: 10.00 – 23.00 Daily
  • For Zero Limits: Closed Monday – Thursday, open for bookings only. Friday: 15.00 – 23.00. Saturday and Sunday: 11.00 – 23.00
  • For Amazonia: Open at 12.30 and last orders are taking at 21.30