Computer Lingo


For those of us who are not naturally fluent in the language of the rapidly developing technological world, here are some common words used with regards to computers with simple, useful explanations.


  •  Input:-  is the information fed into a computer.

  •  Processing:-  is the work done by a computer.

  •  Output:-  is the data given out by a computer.

  •  Hardware:-  is the machinery that makes up a computer – the solid parts.

  •  Software:-  is the name for the instructions a computer is given so that it can do pieces of work known as jobs or tasks.

  •  Computer System:-  is a set of hardware and software.

  •  Function: – is something a computer can do.

  •  User or End User:-  a person who uses a computer system.

  •  User-friendly:-  a system that easy to use.

  •  Desktop PC:-  is a full-sized home computer.

  •  Digital:-  is the word used to describe a system that uses digits, or numbers, and is often used in relation to computers.

  •  Monitor: – The screen of the computer.

  •  Processing Unit:-  A chip which does calculations on data.

  •  Mouse:-  controls a pointer on the screen. You press the mouse button to select different choices.