Disney Hannah Montana One in a Million

As the world’s favourite pop princess, Hannah Montana has amazing one-in-a-million experiences that happen in the blink of an eye—and they all come with drama.

Four hilarious episodes from the smash-hit Disney Channel Original Series are packed into Hannah Montana: One In A Million—including a special episode starring the Jonas Brothers! Plus, go behind the scenes for exclusive bonus features, like reliving famous feuding moments with your favourite Disney Channel characters.

Meeting the totally rockin’ Jonas Brothers is awesome—till Hannah learns they’d rather hang out with Robbie Ray. Miley’s dad goes on a date with Lilly’s mom—but will sisterhood ruin the BFFs’ friendship? Jake comes back to town—and gets friendly with Mikayla, Hannah’s archrival. And the Stewart family gets feisty over an old feud (hint: Elvis was in the house). Sweet nibblets!

Can’t they all just get along?!

Join Hannah and her wonderfully funny family and friends for laughs, (mis)adventures and totally rockin’ music