Disney’s Planes, Fire and Rescue Kids Movie

In Planes: Fire and Rescue, Disney’s high-flying animated sequel lovable Dusty the Crophopper becomes an aerial firefighter. Engine damage means that plucky Dusty the Crophopper may never race again. But he gets a second chance at heroism when he joins an elite squad of firefighting aircraft. Their task is to protect the historic, wildfire-prone Piston Peak National Park.

The team is led by tough-as-old-boots veteran fire-and-rescue helicopter Blade Ranger. He’s initially sceptical about taking on the rookie. But perky air tanker Dipper has a crush on Dusty, and he quickly bonds with the rest of the colourful gang. Their ranks include wise American Indian heavy-lift helicopter Windlifter, jolly ex-military transport plane Cabbie, and a quintet of fearless all-terrain vehicles known as The Smokejumpers. When a raging wildfire tests them to the limit, Dusty learns a big lesson about being a hero.

Movie Information

Running Time:- 84 minutes

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Irish Film Classification:- PG

Family Fun Tip:- Mild fantasy violence/threat

Release Date:- August 2014

Planes: Fire and Rescue Movie Trailer