Kids Movies

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"Paddington Bear Movie"

Paddington Bear Movie Trailer

Paddington movie is adapted from Michael Bond’s beloved books, Paddington follows the comic misadventures of a polite young bear with an endearing talent for comic chaos
"Big Hero 6 Movie Trailer"

Big Hero 6 Movie Trailer

Big Hero 6 movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios, is an action-packed comedy-adventure about robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who forms a special bond with Baymax a plus-sized inflatable…
"Nativity 3 Dude, Where’s my Donkey - Movie Trailer"

Nativity 3 Movie Trailer

Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s my Donkey? is the new Christmas adventure kids movie following the hilarious and heart-warming lives of the pupils of St Bernadette’s
"How To Train Your Dragon 2 Kids Movie"

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Hiccup and Toothless must unite to stand up for what they believe while recognizing that only together do they have the power to change the future of both men and dragons.
"Postman Pat The Movie Trailer"

Postman Pat The Movie

Everybody’s favourite postie Postman Pat enters a TV talent show in his first amazing CGI animated big screen family adventure!
"Rio 2 Kids Movie Trailer"

Rio 2

It’s a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids in RIO 2, after they’re hurtled from that magical city to the wilds of the Amazon
"Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted Kids Movie Trailer"

Muppets Most Wanted

Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted kids movie takes the entire Muppets gang on a global tour, selling out grand theaters in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, including…
"Escape From Planet Earth Kids Movie in 3D"

Escape From Planet Earth

The 3D animated family comedy catapults moviegoers to planet Baab where admired astronaut Scorch Supernova is a national hero to the blue alien population.


Dusty, whose greatest dream is to compete one day in the most famous air race in the world – the legendary “Wings around the Globe”. The problem? He is hopelessly afraid of…

Monsters Inc.

Monsters, Inc.,” one of Disney-Pixar’s most beloved and visually imaginative feature films ever, returns to the big screen