Draiocht Family Fun Day Events

Draiocht prides itself on being a family friendly venue. Their staff are welcoming, interactive, very hands on and ready to help when necessary.

Draiocht boasts a wide and varied programme of activities for families and young people including family fun days, family drama, panto and musicals, dance and drama classes, summer projects and the very popular free Family Art Days. Among the many groups who use the facilities and services of the centre are local arts groups, drama clubs, schools, community groups, theatre goers and those interested in the arts, the general public and, of course, local, national and international artists and performers.

Family Fun Day Events

Explore the wide collection of work, mediums and ideas presented in this major touring exhibition, 30 Years, Artists, Places, featuring some of Ireland’s most renowned artists. Each session will begin with an interactive tour exploring different elements of the exhibition, followed by a chance to respond to the work in a hands on and fun way, supported by Draíocht Artists

Please be aware that Draíicht’s Family Days are not designed for groups .

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Draiocht Family Day January: Explore and Respond to 3D Art

To mould, manipulate and carve …  you will look at the sculptural pieces in the exhibition, followed by a fun workshop twisting and looping card, markers and glue to create some interesting 3D sculptural pieces of your own.

Draiocht Family Day February: Explore and Respond to 2D Art

To paint, print, shoot and draw … this time you will explore by looking at the wall hanging art work in the exhibition, followed by time in the workshop room to respond to the work you found most interesting with chalk, pencil and charcoal.

Draiocht Family Day March: Explore and Respond to Abstract Art

Drawings, installation, film … you will try to figure out some of the more abstract work in the exhibition and then create some abstract print work of your own

Draiocht Family Day Event Information

Venue:- Draíocht Galleries

Classification:- Family Workshop / Ages 5 – 10 years

Admission: Free


  • Explore and Respond to 3D Art – Saturday 21 January
  • Explore and Respond to 2D Art – Saturday 25 February
  • Explore and Respond to Abstract Art – Saturday 25 March


  • Session 1: 12pm-12.50pm
  • Session 2: 1pm-1.50pm
  • Session 3: 2pm-2.50pm

Booking :- No booking necessary

Familyfun Tip

  • Dress for Mess
  • Please respect the age limits on each workshop.
  • Each child needs to be accompanied by an adult.
  • There will be a max of 10 children (plus parent) in each group.
  • Unfortunately younger/older siblings will not be permitted in the class.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts.