Irish Country Quads

Irish Country Quads has a number of activities to choose from: Quad biking, air strike, shuffleboard, action target, and archery. Clay pigeon and shooting are available on request.

Enjoy a tour with Irish Country Quads riding on All Terrain Vehicles on the specially designed courses. Your course will be chosen for your individual ability.

The trail includes an underground tunnel with splash, overhead bridges, water splash drive, tight corners, large circular track, bumpy ground and muddy ditches.

Waterproof clothing, helmets, wellington boots and gloves are provided. Great care is taken with safety procedures.

Take a day away and discover the superb countryside of Monaghan. Irish Country Quad biking is a popular activity which will give you a different and enjoyable way to see this area’s beautiful nature.

You will definitely enjoy your archery experience.  You will be carefully shown how to sight correctly and use your bow correctly.

Shuffleboard is a exciting competitive game of skill, precision and strategy is played on the indoor courts.

Enjoy playing Action Taget activity indoor or outdoor, day or night. Participants can use their judgement and skill to locate the centre of the specially designed targets.

Irish Country Quads Activities lasting from 1 hour up to 4 hours (or more) depending on the size of group are provided.

A wide variety of different groups with or without experience can easily be catered for.

  • Families
  • Birthday parties – all ages
  • Football teams
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day parties
  • Tourists
  • Cross border groups