Keep Children Safe When At Play

Play is vital part of child development, it helps them develop their creative and social skills and learn and explore the world around them. Children don’t have the judgement and experience of adults. So, it’s up to us parents to take precautions to ensure the safety of our children.


  • Always keep your young child in sight.

  • Never leave very young children unattended in parks or activity centres

  • Never leave young children in game areas in stores or shopping centers while you go shopping.

  • Always buy toys with the safety symbol CE marked on them.

  • When selecting toys, consider the child’s age, interests and skill level; look for quality design and construction; and follow age and safety recommendations on labels.

  • Always remember that some toys could contain paint or colourings that are toxic to your child. Check out the recall section in familyfun.

  • Make sure children wear all the correct safety equipment for play (e.g. helmets for cycling, knee and elbow guards for rollerblading, safety nets around trampolines etc). Always follow manufactures instructions correctly when assembling children play equipment.

  • Ensure that toys are used in a safe environment. Toys such as bikes should not be used near stairs, traffic or swimming pools.

  • Always supervise children at play. Play is even more enjoyable when parents, older siblings and friends become involved and interact with children during play rather than supervising from a distance.

  • Put toys away safely after playing. Ensure that toys intended for older children are stored separately from those for younger children.

  • Do not allow children to inflate balloons. Deflate and discard balloons and balloon pieces after use as they are a choking hazard.

  • Inspect old and new toys regularly for damage and potential hazards. Make any necessary repairs immediately or discard damaged toys safely and appropriately.

  • Young children should never play with toys with strings, straps or cords longer than 5 inches, which can unintentionally strangle them.

  • Electrical toys are a potential burn hazard & could easily cause injury.  Children under age 8 should not use toys with electrical plugs or batteries