Planner For A Kids Party At A Venue

Planning is the key to a really successful party. If possible, begin planning your party six to eight weeks in advance to allow plenty of time for booking a venue or entertainer, online shopping and ordering the cake. Choosing a date can be tricky but ideally try to pick a date that does not coincide with another child’s birthday or any other events that could interfere, e.g. Father’s Day, a rugby match etc.

Six To Eight Weeks In Advance

  • Choose a suitable venue for your child’s age group (book early to get your preferred date/time)

  • Visit the venue yourself if you have not been before

  • Discuss all necessary queries with the venue’s representative such as cost per child, maximum/minimum amount of     children, is food provided, do they cater for any special dietary needs if required, are party bags supplied, can you decorate the venue yourself, do you need to bring anything with you etc.

  • If you are happy with the venue and are booking it for the party confirm all details in writing.

  • Discuss the list of children to be invited with your child. (Remember to watch out for more than one child with the same first name especially with younger children who only know first names)

  • It can be a good idea with younger children to check with the class teacher to ensure you are leaving no one out.

  • Send out the party invitation with all the obvious details (your child’s name, date, time and duration of the party, your name and contact details. It is common for people to put R.S.V.P. (regrets only) on the invitations.

  • Keep a list of contact information for the children you have invited (keep their parents contact details with you on the day)

  • Decide how the children will get to and from the venue – will you be collecting them/dropping them home or will you meet them at the venue?

  • The Birthday Cake – Are you making one/ordering one? If you are ordering, shop around for the most suitable cake with regards to design, price, dietary specifications (avoid nuts in case of any nut allergies amongst the children) etc. Will they deliver the cake or do you need to collect it etc?

  • Do you need other adults to help you with supervision/lifts/shopping/planning etc?

  • Write a to-do list for the week leading up to the party and for the party day itself. 



Two Weeks In Advance

  • Check the guest list – follow up on anyone who hasn’t replied unless you specified regrets only.

  • Confirm with the venue and cake-makers and anyone else involved.

  • Shop for any non-food items such as party bags, hats, balloons etc. 



One Weeks In Advance

  • Shop for the sweets and goodies etc. for the party bags if needed.

  • Confirm all details with the relevant people, especially times.

  • Wrap presents. 

  • Have you got you camera ready? Has it got plenty of film/memory?



One Day In Advance:

  • Discuss with the birthday child what they would like to wear on the day (help avoid any rows on the day over wearing last years Halloween costume to the party.)

  • Confirm the times for collecting the cake/collecting any children/leaving for the venue etc.

  • Blow up balloons, put up any decorations etc. in the house (after the child has gone to bed if he/she isn’t taking part in the decorating themselves.)

  • Ensure you have a list of contact names for all the children’s parents handy to bring with you tomorrow (just in case!).
  • Is your camera fully charged?



On The Big Day

  • Open presents and cards from the family.

  • Try to eat something yourself before the party.

  • Leave for the venue in plenty of time to allow for any delays. Make sure you arrive before any guests.

  • And finally:  Enjoy the day! 



Two – Three Days After 

  • Now is the time to have your child write his/her thank you notes for the presents he/she received and for anyone who helped out on the day.

  • Don’t forget to develop the pictures of the special day.

  • Most importantly, send the pictures to relatives who couldn’t make it on the day, add them to a scrapbook for your own memories and maybe upload them to a website such as or which allow you to upload, print and share your photos with friends. (These sites are not like bebo or facebook. They are sites designed for personal use and you can only share photos by directly inviting certain people to do so.)


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