Pet Essentials

Welcome to Pet Essentials, Corks first Pet Superstore. With floor space of well over 2,200 sq ft and plenty of parking.

Pet Essentials is uniquely catering for Corks pet owning population in a way not previously seen. It is a one-stop shop for every pet owners pet accessory and pet food requirements.

They offer a comprehensive range of products for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and reptiles

With a Pet Health Counsellor and Nutritional Advisors on site, Pet Essentials staff offer expert advice on every pet’s nutritional needs.

Pet Essentials encourages responsible pet ownership through its regularly updated information centre in store and will aim to keep all its customers informed of all new developments in the pet care sector.

The Pet Essentials staff aim to ensure that prior to the sale of a pet, the pet owner is fully aware of the responsibility involved in caring for a pet. Staff will ensure that expert advice is given to the new pet owner to ensure a happy life for their new pet. 

There portfolio includes pet foods, accessories, functional treats, aquariums, collars, harnesses, muzzles, kennels, pens, beds, cushions, coats, grooming brushes, books, cat litter, litter trays & scoops, clothing, toys, collars, leads, flea powders, shampoos, carriers, cages, hutches, bedding, seed, small animal accessories, bowls, boutique items, scratching posts, water treatment products, tank ornaments, heaters, lighting, filters, pumps, bird feeders, sand sheets etc