As Santa prepares for another busy Christmas, he gets a cry for help. The North Pole is melting and the penguins have nowhere to go. This spells disaster! Not only for the penguins and the polar bears, but for children everywhere. Without the snow and the special winter sunlight it will be impossible for Santa’s elves to keep up with all the toy orders!

Santa enlists the aid of the audience and the penguins to follow the carbon footprints of the villain who has done this-Ollie Slick- they enlist the help of Jack Frost to avert disaster and bring a big chill back to the North Pole.

Santa and The Penguins is a bright new Christmas entertainment for children, which also aims to delight and entertain while introducing young audiences to some of the most important environmental issues facing us and how we can all play a part in preventing them.

Eurovision winner Shay Healy and Theatre Director Michael Scott have written another great muscical Christmas show. Great new songs include "Christmas is the Season" and "The Ice is Melting".


Classification :-   Childrens Christmas Musical   /   Age 3+


Date / Show Time :-

  • 15th – 19th December   /   9.55am  ,  11.15am  ,  12.35pm
  • 18th – 19th December   /   3pm
  • 20th – 21st December   /   12.30pm  ,   2.30pm
  • 21se -25th December   /   9.55am  ,  11.15am  ,  12.35pm



Admission :-    €12.50  ,  €10





 Concession :-    Tickets are available to students, equity members, the unemployed, children and Senior citizens.


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