Donegal – Santa’s Island at Donegal’s Lapland

"Donegal’s Lapland"

Santa’s Island at Donegal’s Lapland 2019

Santa’s Island at Donegal’s Lapland is a unique and truly magical fun-filled experience for children of all ages to meet Santa and his eleves, and also to receive a special gift from him this Christmas!

To keep people coming back we like to makes a few changes now and again, introduce new attractions and throw in a few special surprises from one year to the next and this year is no different.

Special lighting effects, snow effects and smoke machines will be used at various points through Donegal’s Lapland this year all to help enhance the festive experience for your visitors

There will also be animals included  in parts of the Santa’s Village for all them animal lovers who visit this Christmas!

When the live show gets underway, the head elf appears and explains the story of Christmas. The children watch as a star appears above the stage

Then the curtain opens…

Behind the curtain is Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus along with a donkey in a stable

The Elf now explains how Santa got involved in the story of Christmas.

"Santa’s Island"


Santa now makes his entrance coming down the chimney. He talks to all those gathered and at the end calls out each child by name and has a small special gift for each of them. When Santa has given each child their gift, everyone is free to move out to Santa’s Village

In Santa’s Village you can visit Santa’s home, see what he eats for breakfast and visit the elves’ bedroom. You can explore Santa’s office and the children can write and post their list for Christmas. Tour Santa’s shops, visit the toy factory and sit on Santa’s sleigh.

The village courtyard includes;

  • The stable with donkey and crib.
  • Post office
  • Santa’s Sleigh
  • Santa’s House where you can meet Mrs Claus and make sure the Elves are asleep
  • Santa’s helpers & reindeer
  • Santa’s Toy Store, here each child can pick out the present of their choice!

Now you must head through the tunnel.

Here you see Santa’s train loaded with presents.

Next is Santa’s magic wardrobe. In you go and find yourself in a different world with Santa’s castle, elves house and here you can again meet Santa in his igloo for a photo opportunity.

For more information, visit Donegal’s Lapland

Santa’s Island Attractions


Santa’s Island Event Information

Venue:- Doagh Famine Village, Doagh Island, Clonmany

Classification:- Family Christmas Event / All Ages"Christmas Online Booking"

Dates:-  29th Novmeber – 22nd December


  • Child (2yrs +) €14.50
  • Infant (0 – 23 months) €5
  • Adult €14.50

Booking Online:- Book Online Now through Donegal’s Lapland

*Please note bookings are subject to a booking fee

CHILD TICKET (aged 2 & over) – A Child Ticket is for any child or person aged 2 or over on the date of the show who wishes to meet Santa and receive a small gift from him.

ADULT TICKET (General Admission) – An Adult Ticket is for anyone, regardless of age, who wishes to attend the show but DOES NOT wish to meet Santa to receive a small gift from him.

CHILD TICKET (0 – 2 months) – This Child Ticket is for infants under the age of 2 on the date of the show who you would like to meet Santa and receive a small gift from him. Proof of age may be requested upon entry.

FamilyFun Tip:

If you want your child to have their name called out by Santa to receive a gift  during the live show then you should purchase a child ticket

If you have a child who wants to attend the live show but does not want to meet Santa and does not want to receive a present from Santa then you just have to purchase an adult ticket for that child regardless of their age

A child with an adult ticket will not have their name called out by Santa and will not receive a gift from him

Children under the age of 2 at the show do not require a ticket to be purchased in advance

If your child is under 2 at the show but you would still like them to personally receive a small gift from Santa you can do so by paying €5 at the door upon arrival

Booking Online:- You can book on line here through our booking link directly to Santa’s Island ticket sales

"Donegal’s Lapland Santa’s Island"




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