Silly Balloons


Age                      6-8 years


Categories          Suitable for outdoor parties (as plenty of space is needed) 


Players                 9 or more


Equipment          Lots of balloons (of different colours)

                             One big bag per team


Formation          Balloons in the middle, teams in opposite corners


Game                   Divide the children into equal teams. Give one bag to each team and assign one member to be the bag holder (alternate the bag-holder each round so everyone gets a chance). Place all the balloons in the centre. (If you have three teams you will need there different colours of balloons. Make sure you have an equal number of each balloon.) Mix up all the colours in the centre.

When you start the music the children (other than the bag-holder) must race to the centre pick up one of their teams coloured balloon and race back to put it in their bag. However they can’t just carry the balloon back they have to perform a silly task such as bouncing the balloon on their head all the way back, or carrying the balloon between their knees. If the child drops the balloon and it lands on the ground he/she must return to the centre and start again.

The children can run back to the centre to get another balloon once they have placed their first one in the bag. When you stop the music everyone must stop. Ask the bag holder to count their balloons and whichever team has the most wins.



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