Dice Games

Here are a few reasons why dice are more fun that you thought! 

Dice games are versatile. They can be based on luck, or on skill and planning. You can find games to play with two players or twenty, on a table or on the floor, with 3-year olds and with 70-year olds!

Dice games are educational. They are educational in obvious ways, for example encouraging counting and numbers in little children and quick mental addition in older children. But they are also excellent at reinforcing the concept of taking turns, scoring (both mental and on paper), winning and losing gracefully, patience and so much more.
Dice games are portable. You can always find room for a few dice in the bottom of a handbag or pocket, and most games require no more than a paper and pencil to go with them. Or you can “pre-package” some of your favourite games with a stack of print- outs, small pencils, dice and any other necessary equipment in a resealable plastic bag or box and include it easily in an overnight case for travelling.

Dice are cheap. You probably have a number of interesting dice lurking in existing family games, and you can certainly pick up more very cheaply these days. 

Dice are collectible. Build up your store and keep them in their own box with a stack of counters and favourite playing pieces (unusual beads, plastic figures and animals, etc) and perhaps a shaker or two. Encourage the children to get them out and make up their own games with them … .anything goes!


A Sample Dice Game: Creature Fun

A fun dice game includes drawing a funny creature. To play the game, you need a pair of dice, plain paper, and pencils/crayons. Kids will roll the dice and add the two numbers together. Whatever the answer is they will draw that corresponding creature feature on their paper.


Roll the sum of 2 and draw a nose

Roll the sum of 3 and draw a mouth

Roll the sum of 4 and draw ears

Roll the sum of 5 or 6 and draw a leg

Roll the sum of 7 and draw a head oll the sum of 8 and draw hair

Roll the sum of 9 and draw a tail

Roll the sum of 10 or 11 and draw an eye

Roll the sum of 12 and draw an arm  

Each player should have at least six turns to create a funny creature. 

Afterwards discuss their creatures, how many eyes or legs do they have?

Make up your own games and have Fun !