Halloween Autopsy Game



  • 7-10 years



  •  Any number



  • Giant drawing of a person
  • Materials to imitate body contents for example, cauliflower for brain, spaghetti for guts, tomato for heart
  • Black Plastic bag



  • Lay body parts out on the drawing and cover with the black plastic bag. Cut out holes big enough for small hands to get in over each body part.



  • Do not let the players see the set up of this Halloween game or any of the materials used. When it is set up allow each child in turn to close their eyes and put their hand in to feel the “brains” or the “stomach” or “heart”. Talk the children through what they are feeling, adding gorier details for the older children. Then simply allow their imaginations to run wild. This is one of the Halloween Games that really appeal to the senses.


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