Halloween Party Games

Lots of people start planning weeks and months in advance to make their Halloween party memorable and a Halloween party just wouldn’t be complete without some spooky games to play.

The Familyfun Team have put together some simple, spooky and fun easy-to-play games ideas you can use to keep your Halloween party flowing smoothly. Most of these games can be modified to fit any age or ability

"Mummy Wrap Halloween Game"

Mummy Wrap Halloween Game

Mummy Wrap Halloween Game is great for Halloween parties for kids aged seven to twelve, all you have to do is Wrap someone in toilet paper as quickly as possible!

Who Am I Halloween Game

Who Am I Halloween Game is an interesting twist for kids and to make this game more difficult only allow players to ask questions with a yes or no answer

Spider Web Halloween Game

Spider Web Halloween Game is good fun for children aged from eight to fourteen years of age. The game can be changed slightly to suit younger players.