Witch’s Cauldron Halloween Game For Kids


  • 6-12 years



  • 8 or more players would be best for this game



  • Nothing needed for this game



  • Spilt the players into two even teams. Each player sits beside their own team and across from a player on the other team. (The formation is that same for the game “Ladders”.)
  • Give each pair of players (one from each team) the name of something that could be an ingredient in a witch’s cauldron such as dragon’s blood, eyeballs or a rat’s tail.



  • This is an active Halloween game that is lots of fun. When the players are all set to go call out the name of one of the ingredients. The players with that word have to run down the centre of the teams, round the bottom of the lines, up the side, round the top and back to their place – again like “Ladders”. The first player back to their place wins a point for their team.
  • When you shout witch’s cauldron the whole team has to run. The first team to be back in place with all their players wins a point.


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