The Wishing Tree



  • 5-10 years



  • 6 or more



  • One green apple (with stalk attached)
  • A red apple per player (again with stalks attached)
  • String
  • Blindfold
  • Tree/washing line/horizontal pole or something similar
  • Treats such as mini packets of sweets, small toys etc. if wanted    



  • Hang all the apples by the stalk to the washing line or alternative using the string.



  • This Halloween game is easy to follow for any age group and yet good fun. When the game is set up, blindfold one child at a time and spin him or her around while he or she is making a wish. If you are using a washing line you can also spin the apples around. With the group say this rhyme: “Apples, apples in a tree, All dark red and one bright green, spinning, spinning, then set free. Is the green one meant for me?”
  • Then steer the player in the direction of the apples and allow him or her to pick one. It is said that the child who picks the green apple will have their wish come true.
  • If you like you can stick a number on each apple that corresponds to a prize and then everyone is a winner for this Halloween game.


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