Bobbing For Apples


  • 6-12 years



  • 4 or more



  • Large basin or bowl of water
  • Apples
  • Some towels



  • Put apples into bowl/basin that is filled deep enough with water. Make sure not to completely fill the basin with water as water will be displaced when players stick their face in.



  • This is one of the most traditional Halloween games. Once the game is set up all you need to do is give players a chance to try catch an apple using only their teeth. Hands should be kept behind the players back. Younger players could perhaps be allowed to use one hand to guide the apples but not to actually place the apple in their mouth (for instance they can stop the apple floating away but cannot pick it up to bite). Alternatively you could use a shallower basin for this Halloween game to make it more manageable for the younger kids.
  • It is a good idea to have some towels nearby to dry faces (and possibly hair) after each players turn at this Halloween game.


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