Pass The Apple



  • 8-12 years



  • 8 or more



  • One apple (or alternative) per team



  •  Split the players into two or more teams of at least four people each. Line the teams up beside each other and give each team one of the apples.



  • This is one of the trickier Halloween games. The aim is to be the first team to pass the apple down along the line of your team. However you are only allowed to pass the apple using you chin and your body – no hands, no arms and no teeth! If a team drops the apple at any stage they must return the apple to the first player and start again.
  • If one team is short a player due to uneven numbers, the first player in their line must run to the end of the line to play a second time. In doing this they are the first to pass the apple on to their team mates but also the player that must end up with the apple at the end of the line.


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