Spider Web



  • 8-14 years



  • 8 or more



  • A ball of black wool is needed for each player.
  • If playing with younger children balls of different colour wool could help.



  • Players arrange themselves in a circle, each player holding their ball of wool and having tied it around their wrist.



  • In this Halloween game players are trying to create a spider web. To do this, players must have their ball of wool tied around their wrist at the start. When you are ready to go, repeat this rhyme: “My oh my! Its a fly!” and players must throw their ball of wool to any player other than the ones either side of them. When everyone has caught a ball of wool, repeat the rhyme again and do this around eight times. When a sufficient looking web has formed you get to the tricky part of this Halloween game. Players must try to untangle themselves from their part of the web without cutting or tearing the wool. (Different colours of wool may make it clearer for younger players to figure out what way to move in order to free themselves.) The first to become free wins.
  • Safety note: Make sure to use wool for this game and not string or twine. Wool will break if pulled too tightly but other materials may not, so could be a safety risk. Also ensure an adult is present at all times to monitor the game.


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