Halloween Scavenger Hunt



  • 6-14 years



  • 6 or more



  • Pieces of paper
  • Pen
  • Plenty of household items such as ketchup, slippers, remote etc.
  • Photos of the items (for particularly young children)              



  • Gather the items in advance of the party and hide them around the house (in accessible areas for the age group). Write all the items on individual scraps of paper.



  • This Halloween game is fun for all age groups and the level of difficulty can be altered easily for different abilities. When you are ready to start the Halloween Game allow each player to pick out five or six pieces of paper. They then must go and search for these items and bring them back to the starting point when they have them all. The first player to collect all their items wins.
  • If the children are too young to maybe know what exactly they are looking for perhaps issue them with photos of the objects to find, instead of pieces of paper with just the words on them.


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